Board Advisory Workshops

This program is for members interested in serving on corporate Boards, corporate Advisory Boards, or not-for-profit Boards.  This exclusive program helps our CXOs most effectively position themselves as a desirable board candidate and provides exclusive resources to search for a board seat.
These workshops will be facilitated and moderated by industry veterans who have held multiple board positions in their careers. Participating CXOs will get to strengthen the following seven categories conjoin to form the core elements of a governance plan for board of directors:

1. Participatory: Best practices for corporate governance encourage boards to be participatory

2. Rule of Law: The law holds everyone accountable for the full protection of stakeholders and society

3. Transparency: Providing assurance to stakeholders on accurate company information, business strategy-related risks and future planning

4. Consensus Oriented: Boards are expected to reach a consensus prudently and efficiently

5. Accountability & Responsiveness: These two categories go hand in hand, as board directors are accountable to stakeholders for the way companies carry out their responsibilities

6. Fairness & Inclusiveness: These principles often include effective and extensive protections for minorities

7. Strategic Vision: Strategic plans ensure that organizations are sustainable for the foreseeable future and for the long term

These workshops will serve as a foundation for long-term relationships, as well as a base for future relationships developed through Catalyst IQ